• On high flow rate and high capacities; The best solution for removing metal particles carried to the plant in the fiber from the line.
  • No need for additional energy.
  • Design with aerodynamic air flow analyses in order not to wear out the raw material and not to create neps.
  • Removal of metal and non-metal foreign in the same system from the fiber.
  • Increased trash and dust shedding capability with adjustable grid and wing angles.
  • Strong magnet system that can catch metals in powder form.
  • 2800 kg/hour max. capacity.
  • Powerful magnetic magnet system that does not need energy.
  • Increased magnetic protection zones with two different sections.
  • Adjustable material guide vane.
  • Heavy particle waste reservoir.


  • Minimizing machine destruction caused by metal and non-metallic dangerous foreign substances.
  • Minimizing the fire risks arising from raw materials in enterprises.