• Thanks to its special trailer geometry and tractor design, all wheels move and turn by following the same line. This way, it provides successful mobility in places requiring narrow and sudden maneuvers.
  • By keeping the chassis heights of the tractor section and the trailers to the minimum, The best ergonomics in getting off-riding and loading-unloading the tugger are provided, thus ensuring minimum power consumption for the operator.
  • With a 48 cm vehicle width, even very narrow widths between the buckets can ride comfortably, and a comfortable movement area is provided for the operator around the bucket-tugger and bucket-bucket transitions. (you can request an optional size)
  • The soft bumper in front of the vehicle protects the vehicle and surrounding materials (e.g. Cans) in case of impacts caused by operator driving.
  • The floor is constantly swept with the height-adjustable brush located at the front of the vehicle.
  • Thanks to the fact that the battery is located on the sliding cart, it takes less than 1 minute for the operator to change the battery from empty to full.
  • Products are prepared with lithium or gel battery technology in line with customer demand.


  • Preventing bucket deformation
  • Save labor by carrying multiple buckets at once
  • Providing high-speed bucket transportation for lot-type changes (They can be stocked on spare trailers).